The 2018 Newsletter can be found here.

New classroom lightNew classroom lightThanks to a generous donation from Rebecca Ellison, USA, the Maasai Kindergarten in Olmuringiringa village has now got power for the first time since it opened in January 2002.

Both classrooms have lights which will help the children and teachers enormously on those dull mornings in the rainy season. A mobile phone charger has been installed for the use of the teachers and the local community. Thanks to Ole Supeet, the director, for organizing the installation with Mobisol Tanzania. Rebecca also donated money for a selection of children’s books.





Maasai kindergarten with teachers Leah Elias and director Ole SupeetMaasai kindergarten with teachers Leah Elias and director Ole SupeetSixty children (33 girls and 27 boys) graduated from the kindergarten in December 2017 and have made an excellent new start in their primary schools. A big thank you once again, goes to the three teachers Elias Samson, Suzana Ngalesoni and Leah Godwin for their outstanding commitment.

We mustn’t forget the importance of assistant Esther Daniel who makes the porridge every day for between 60 and 80 children, no mean feat when she has to fetch water from a source more than a 10 minute walk away. Ester with the help of new assistant, Einoth Daudi, also keeps the classrooms and toilets clean. The toilet block was renovated recently.

The kindergarten, normally for 4 to 6 year olds, is now also open for younger children aged 2 and 3.

Since our last newsletter I am very happy to say that ACT’s founder Mike Brydon has continued to make a good recovery and following more cancer treatment in India he has recently been able to return to his home in Tanzania. Congratulations, Mike, keep it up!